Adoption seems to be expensive; one has to realize to keep any animal costs money, this is no different for the East London SPCA. Each animal we care for daily costs us salaries, food, water bills, electricity and maintenance. We are not here to SELL animals, but rather adopt them to homes where they will NEVER EVER have to face the trauma they faced prior to ending up with us! Therefore the strict criteria, and not ABOUT THE MONEY!

Let’s Do some Maths! 


East London SPCA Costs:

Private Vet Fees:

Adoption / Purchase Costs:

R1000 Dogs / R800 Cats

R50 (Minimum)



R1500 (Minimum)

Pre-home / Post Home

(R200) Refunded if Property Approved

R0 – No security

Vaccination & Deworm

Free x 3 (Up to Date at the time of Adoption)

R650 x 3 (Minimum)

Microchipping and Collar


R450 (Minimum)


R1000 Dog / R800 Cat

R3950 (Minimum)

So, you want to adopt, understand that because we are a responsible rehoming organization, we have to put certain securities in place to ensure the animal goes to the best possible home!

Bring along the following:

  • ID / Drivers License
  • Proof of Address
  • Complete the application form;

Things to keep in mind when adopting, and these are responsible concerns:

We do not rehome to (Not an exhaustive list):

  • Security purposes;
  • Unfenced / low fenced properties;
  • Unsafe properties;
  • If you can’t afford private veterinary fees;
  • Animals for gifts or for someone else;
  • High energy animals to low energy (elderly) homes, (We will advise on best possible animal to fit your family though)