Under New Management;

Animals and nature go through growing pains and shed old skin and fur as it outgrows its existing being. Metamorphoses is the changing of shape into a more sophisticated form of an animal. As time elope change is imminent. The East London SPCA (ELSPCA) is no different and have been undergoing a metamorphoses for the past year and just like some exoskeleton species shed their hard shells and taking on new and bigger ones, the ELSPCA is in the process of settling into its new hard shell. Since 1 January 2022, A new general manager was appointed. This man has decades of experience in the SPCA and animal welfare environment, bringing along with him modernised ideas, skilled knowledge and the ability to lead and train existing teams in place.

This is no easy task; the society have been left to operate with outdated systems, lack of forward thinking, lack of operational maintenance and training. This is in no way a direct reflection of past management, rather a case of ostrich-head-in-the-sand, due to withstanding daily sand storm and having to deal with the increased number of animals flowing through the revolving doors. A bank of animals creating an over extended budget and resources. It is for this reason that fresh flesh was needed.

Since inception of the new management, a backlog of fiduciary responsibilities, audits and having to restore the animal to its former glory, with the enhancements of modern technology and interaction with its fuel (you the public) is necessary. The management Daily is seeking the absorption of members to fulfil its constitutional obligation of having a constituted committee. Training of skilled staff as required by the SPCA Act is beefed up as well as physical maintenance of the financial status and physical structures (Kennels / Shelter). The management also dealt with a sudden flood (a physical waterfall inside the offices), rescuing of animals from flooded areas combined with an increase in Rabies cases.

In the end, the past two months, a lot of the skeleton has withstood changes, the head has found its rightful position and the heart is still pounding away to ensure all the organs remain fully functional to fight for and protect animals. Operational responses underwent severe tests and have passed the initial trials.

The new Management still require YOU! You to join, You to support, You to donate, You to Adopt, You to Volunteer and You to help educate those that do not know better, You to help become a voice to the VOCABULARY DISADVANTAGED!

HELP and become part of the Modernization of East London’s ANIMAL WELFARE in the forefront!

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